Students invent bomb disposal unit, e-billing controller

Students invent bomb disposal unit, e-billing controller

The final year Electronics and Communication Engineering students of the college have come up with a GSM based Community Electric Billing Controller (GCEBC), informed Principal Dr Shrinivas Mayya in a press meet here on Friday.

This project is basically intended to monitor several energy meters in a colony and keep a record of their readings and consumption. “Here the consolidated report of all the meter reading will be sent first and later will be collected and processed. The errors that are commonly found in the human operated billing system will not to be found in GCEBC,” said team member Gangadhar.

He also added that non-payment of the bill by the electricity consumers can also be identified, so that a command to disconnect the power could be given.
The students who have worked on the project are Gangadhara, Anantharama H, Kiran, Sandesh Kumar H under the guidance Anu P Abraham.

Bomb disposal unit

Another group of students from the same branch have designed a wireless bomb disposal unit which functions without the human interference.

The bomb will be disposed using a remote controlling unit. The team member informed the presspersons that if at all the diffusion turns out to be a failure, the unit can still guide in selecting tools and further procedures before the arrival of the diffusion experts.
The work on the project was carried out by Amritharaj, Kaustubh and Chetan under the guidance of Sumathi and Prof Lokesh B.

Prof Lokesh B and Prof Mahadev Prased were present at the news conference.