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This week, watch L N Shastry and team performing devotional songs. Catch the mesmerising performances of Ohileshwari and little dynamite Amulya. Hear your favourite singers sing to win.

Bonanza of entertainment

WB presents Star Wars — Clone Wars on July 10 at 7 pm. Several rookie clone troopers find themselves to be the lone survivors of a droid commando attack on their distant outpost. Clone officers Rex and Cody arrive to aid and inspire them, helping the rookie clones learn to believe in themselves and defend the base from the droid invaders. When one of the rookie clones sacrifices his life for the sake of the mission, the other troopers learn the true meaning of service to the republic.

Also watch Happy Feet at 9 pm featuring the voices of Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Brittany Murphy and Hugh Jackman. In frozen Antarctica, where penguins sing to woo a mate, Mumble’s talent is dancing. When his fellow penguins start to croon, Mumble’s feet want to move. Even worse, Gloria, the object of Mumble’s affection, only wants to hear a song from Mumble’s heart.

For football freaks

Watch FIFA Special: Football Heroes — Frank Lampard and Pele on July 11 at 7 pm on FOX History and Entertainment Channel. Frank James Lampard fought the weight of expectation before he’d even played a game of football, due to his father Frank Sr, a talented footballer and coach. Frank Junior transferred to Chelsea and in 2004, his talent really began to blossom. He helped his team to its first win of the league cup in fifty years. Lampard was the club’s highest goal scorer with 13 goals for the season. His international career began in 1997 when he made his debut against Greece with the Under 21’s squad. Since then, despite being overlooked for the World Cup in 2002, he has figured in the 2006 World Cup, but an inability to score in big matches brought him under intense scrutiny from English fans.

Pele is a name recognised throughout the world, not only by fanatic football fans, but also those with a passing interest in the game. A national hero in his native Brazil, he earned the nickname “the king” because of his amazing exploits on the field. Before he grew to prominence on the field, he lived in poverty in San Paolo and worked in tea shops to earn money to help his family. His talent was noticed early on, and he made his debut for Santos at the age of 15. His most prolific year came in 1958 with a staggering 66 goals to his name. There was no shortage of clubs eager to sign the young star, but in the end, Pele stayed loyal to his first team Santos. However, he was lured out of retirement to join the US team Cosmos, not only because of the paycheck, but a desire to learn the English language.

Working on a formula

HBO presents See It First every Sunday at 9 pm. Watch Duplicity on July 11 starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen.

It is easy to see that ex-CIA agent Claire Stenwick and former MI6 member Ray Koval have a heated history together when they embark on an elaborate mission of corporate espionage.

Two rival CEOs are battling for the top spot in their industry, and a top-secret
new product would determine who will wear the crown. But this isn’t just about
business innovation and profit. Claire and Ray have a plan that will help them get the prized formula and walk away with millions.

A star-studded evening

Colors presents New Talent Awards’ 10 on July 10 at 7 pm. Bollywood stars grace the scintillating evening with their presence. Some of the people who are present at the show are Abhishek Bachchan along with choreographer and director Farah Khan and child star Darsheel Safray of Taare Zameer Par fame. The evening also sees breath-taking performances by television personalities. Mahi Vij unveils her pretty face while Aditya Redij and Natasha Sharma, and Raghav and Sia dance to Bollywood tunes showcasing their chemistry that wins them the Best Jodi Award. The Chak Dhoom Dhoom kids’ leave the crowd astounded with their great performances.

Love happens amidst hate

MTV presents MTVplex every Saturday. On July 10 at 7 pm, watch Luv Ho Jaane De.

Rick is given the responsibility of tutoring a new girl named Radha at Music School.    She’s a small town Indian girl who barely understands English and he has lived in London all his life.

He dislikes her and avoids her but has to put up with her because she’s his only ticket to qualify for a music festival. What starts as defiance on Rick’s part slowly and steadily turns into love, which they both remain oblivious of.

Directed by Gorky and produced by Samar Khan from Red Chillies Idiot Box, Luv Ho Jaane De is a story about how music and destiny bring these two hearts together. 

Unique ways of expressing care

Watch the movie Terms of Endearment on UTV World Movies on July 10 at 10.30 pm.    Aurora and Emma are mother and daughter who march to different beats. Beginning with Emma’s marriage, Aurora shows different ways of her affection towards her mother.

The movie covers several years of their lives as each finds different reasons to go on living and finding joy. In the end, different people show their love in extremely different ways. 

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