Best foot forward

Best foot forward

Child Labour

Best foot forward

Using elements of Kuchipudi, contemporary, folk and theatre, a 25-member ensemble of young children danced their heart out on stage at the Kanteerava Stadium on the occasion of World Day Against Child Labour.

These short series of dance dramas, focusing on the issue of child labour, was choreographed and produced by Vyjayanthi Kashi of the Shambhavi School of Dance. Full of energy and vivacity, the performance was moving and well performed.

“Dance begins as a hobby and something you learn to please your parents. Once you experience the joy and fulfilment it gives you, it becomes a passion that you enjoy on a very personal level. Now I’m at that stage in my life where dance goes beyond entertainment and becomes an instrument for communication as well. It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to impart the skill to others and give something back to society,” she says.

“Without an audience there is no performing art and my only wish is that with all the time, effort and resources, we put into each production, we need to make this an ongoing, sustained effort and reach out to children in Government schools and villages, apprising them of their rights as well as their responsibilities through the medium of dance.The message goes across so much better than dry text books or lectures,’ she adds.

Each year, Shambhavi adopts a social or a historical theme and Vyjayanthi uses her dance to convey a message or to keep a tradition alive.

The three sequences were well staged and enacted.The first one had the plaintive voices of children asking their parents to restore their lost childhood and give them a chance to live like carefree kids, playing and singing.

The second sequence had children from more privileged backgrounds exhorting society to take measures to ensure that children were not exploited and given a chance to live their young lives as children should.

The third sequence was a general voice raised against the prevailing evil of child labour.

Hopefully, the message will not be lost once the dust has settled on World Day Against Child Labour.