TSR awards presented

TSR awards presented

At the presentation of the TSR Smaraka awards, Yeddyurappa said, "The media had brought the issue to fore and had opened the citizen's eye to proceedings in the Assembly. We respect the freedom of press," he said.

Addressing the media, senior journalist Shivananda Joshi said that press should not bow down to money power and sell their news.

Sense of satisfaction

"Self-respect is the root for any journalist and one must not forget this. They should not lobby for any such awards and must develop a sense of peace and satisfaction in their work," he said. Nine senior journalists including the winners of previous years’ award were felicitated for their contributions. TSR award for year 2007 went to Shivananda Joshi, for 2008 to late B V Vykuntaraju and 2009 to Rajashekar Koti.

Developmental journalism award for 2007 went to Eshwar Daithota, for 2008 to C U Bellakki and 2009 to Anitha Pailur. Environmental journalism award for 2007 went to G Krishnaprasad, for 2008 to T R Anantaramu and for 2009 to Radhakrishan S Badthi.