Bogus bills for 70 lakh created under MGNREGS

Last Updated 13 July 2010, 17:46 IST

The Hirepadasalagi gram panchayat members have alleged that fake bills have been created by entering false data in the Management Information System (MIS) meant exclusively to maintain accounts of the job guarantee scheme.

The entire exercise has been carried out clandestinely without the knowledge of gram panchayat.

The data entered in MIS is quintessential for release of funds. The MIS contains crucial information such as name of a project, the location, number of labourers, attendance and payment of wages The Union government releases funds only after the submission of all these details. The GP members have alleged that some officials at the taluk level, in cahoots with political leaders have made attempts embezzle Rs 70 lakh by creating fake bills and manipulating MIS accordingly.

Bills withheld

The GP members, who have prevailed upon the Zilla Panchayat CEO to withhold the bills, have stated that none of the projects, as mentioned in the MIS have been executed. They have alleged that attempts have been made to swindle money by creating job cards in the name of dead persons and government employees.

They have alleged that according to a fake bill, Kasturi Hanumanth Katral, who was a Zilla Pachayat president too has served as a labour for road construction work in Hirepadasalagi for 14 days.

A sum of Rs 1,400 is to paid to Katral as wages. So also job cards have been created in the names of five government employees and nine dead persons.

Zilla Panchayat CEO Dr G C Prakash told Deccan Herald that the MIS has been annulled on the basis of the complaints by villagers.

Foul play

He suspected the possibility of foulplay at the Taluk Panchayat level by misusing the password. He sprang a surprise by telling that there was no need for an inquiry as the MIS has been cancelled.

(Published 13 July 2010, 17:46 IST)

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