Lokayukta indicts BBMP officials, contractors

Sanjanas death: Saga of shoddy work
Last Updated : 13 July 2010, 20:01 IST
Last Updated : 13 July 2010, 20:01 IST

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The Palike executive officers did not apply their minds at all. Moreover, they did not inspect the construction site even once. More shocking is the fact that they allowed construction of a wall which was already constructed!!

Chief Engineer of Lokayukta and a team of engineers conducted spot inspection, took sample of the material used in construction and got the samples analysed at Karnataka Engineering Research Station.

The observations made by the investigation officer run as follows: It is a simple wall instead of retaining wall. The original estimate does not have any provision for the construction of compound wall. The BBMP has not provided any approved drawings to the contractor showing the dimension of the structure to be constructed and in spite of it payments were made to the contractor.

Estimate approved

The Palike approved Rs 8-lakh estimate for the construction of stone masonry wall to Ramachandra Constructions (Humesh Kumar) on tender basis. But, Munirathna had already constructed the ‘Breast Wall’ (BW) for a length of 80 metres. Again the implementing agencies unscientifically proposed and constructed a section on the BW. The foundation (stone masonry) of the second work has been rested on the top of the BW constructed by Munirathna. The foundation of the compound was also found hanging. The entire base of the compound wall was not resting on BW.

There was black fill (earth) immediately behind the wall and the land was sloping towards the wall.

There was no provision for storm water drain to drain off the water collected on the side of the government veterinary hospital which naturally increased pressure/thrust on the wall. Moreover, there is a pipe line passing below a portion of the wall.

No comments, says Opposition leader 

Leader of Opposition in the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) Council, M Nagaraju on Tuesday said he would not comment on Lokayukta report indicting Yeshwanthapura corporator Munirathna.

Speaking to reporters Nagaraju said he is pained by the tragic death of Sanjana and would pray her soul rest in peace, but it would be too early on his part if he comes to any decision without going through the report thoroughly. He said he would opinion of legal experts as well as the party high command over the issue.

What caused collapse?

* Violation of BIS procedures while constructing stone
* Masonry wall was not designed as a retaining wall to sustain backfill earth
* Usage of poor quality mortar.
* Cement and sand ratio used was 1:15.68 instead of 1:6 (dilution was 161 per cent).
* Absence of holes to drain off and sewage water caused extra pressure.
* A compound wall portion was constructed over 600 mm diameter water supply pipeline.
* Construction of a wall on a wall already constructed on Breast Wall.
* Presence of hallow space in masonry due to non filling up of cavities.
* Size stones as required were not used.

Published 13 July 2010, 19:59 IST

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