Failed career drives actor couple to death

Failed career drives actor couple to death

Failed career drives actor couple to death

Indudhar and Hema.

Police suspect Indudhar (40) might have smothered his wife Hema (38) to death before hanging himself. The couple, married eight years ago had no children. Apart from acting in Kannada films and TV serials, they had got into production recently.

The deaths came to light around 4 pm when Indudhar's cousin, Hemanth tried to contact them. After peeping through the window, he got suspicious and with the help of police, broke the door and shifted the bodies to KIMS hospital.

Indudhar hailed from Davanagere while Hema was from Hassan. The couple left four death notes - one each addressed to their parents and seeking their forgiveness. A general note with Indudhar’s signature said that despite trying hard, they had failed to make a mark in their chosen field.

Another death note was addressed to their producer Krishna Murthy, requesting him to complete the movie by finding suitable replacements. Further, Indudhar had urged Murthy to complete the movie at the earliest so that “Hema’s soul can rest in peace”.

Many in the film fraternity were shocked at hearing the news. A close friend who helped them to write the screenplay for their movie, told Deccan Herald that they were a happy couple. Recently Hema visited the US and neither gave a hint to their friends that they were depressed or were in a financial crisis. They had stated that they had found an NRI producer and were likely to start a new movie. Hema was related to Arasikere MLA Vaale Manju and the late H N Nanje Gowda.

Tara, film actress and National award winner, said: "Hema worked for my film Haseena. The couple was enthusiastic and peace-loving. They had too many dreams and were trying their hands at many things. Both were engineers and I believe Hema was working as a software engineer before entering films. They were educated and had alternate profession if they wanted to switch over.”