Safety within child's reach

Safety within child's reach

Safety within child's reach

The fire drill was organised at the fire station in Jayanagar to teach the children the elements of safety during a fire.

Most children do not know what to do in case of fire. They are helpless and they tend to panic and wait for their mom or dad to rescue them.

In case of an emergency, children create more chaos. They hide in a closet or under the bedcovers and wait for someone to rescue them.

They run back into the house to save a pet or toy. The aim of organising this fire drill is to keep the kids aware of such situations and help them react in case of a fire by teaching them the basic of fire safety.

The fire drill is a part of the structural learning programme provided at Kids Campus and the curriculum is internationally approved and focuses on six key areas — personal, social and emotional development, communication, language and literacy, mathematical knowledge and understanding, knowledge and understanding of the world, creative development and physical development.

They have theme-based approach, weekly science activities, advanced vocabulary recognition, more than 900 worksheets, monthly progress tracker and regular events celebration.

The kids enjoyed themselves at the fire station. They interacted with firemen, keenly observed the demonstrations and also got a free ride on the fire