Riches to rags fall of Asian career criminal

Last Updated 18 July 2010, 08:26 IST

Tariq Dad controlled a network which distributed heroin to dealers in his home city of Bristol and the south west of England.

He lost his multi-million pound empire after the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) used new approaches to systematically undermine his reputation and ensure that other criminals were discouraged from dealing with him.

The operation, which was carried out in conjunction with Avon and Somerset Police and the Crown Prosecution Service, left no roots from which his criminal empire could grow back.

Dad was sentenced today to another 11 years in prison for conspiracy to supply cocaine, bringing the total sentences for those linked to his activities to over 170 years.
SOCA is also applying for restrictions on his travel, access to bank accounts and use of mobile phones which will take effect when he is released.

A breach of any of these could lead to a further five year sentence.
Matt Horne, a spokesman of SOCA, said, "Tariq Dad and his network brought misery and violence to Bristol for years.

He thought he was untouchable, using others to do his dirty work while he lived the high life, but we were watching his every move".

He added, "Like every organised criminal, he relied on reputation to stay in business".
SOCA and its partners attacked each link in the chain, from street dealers to overseas suppliers, to undermine his status.

Eventually other criminals would no longer trade with him for fear of being arrested.
This operation resulted in the seizure of over 190 kilos of class A drugs and cash totaling more than 220,000 pounds.

The seizures disturbed Tariq Dad so much that he stopped his drug trafficking activities for nine months.

SOCA squeezed him again, by blocking access to his offshore bank accounts and arranging for one of his luxury cars to be repossessed.

He went from being able to afford stays in Dubai's top hotels to defaulting on the mortgage for his penthouse apartment in Bristol.

Three others have been jailed for the conspiracy to supply cocaine.
His brother Mazar Dad was sentenced to nine and a half years, which will run concurrently with a 12-year sentence he recently received for supplying 21 kilos of heroin.

London-based criminals Wakar Shah and Garrie Jones were jailed for eight and a half years and seven and a half years respectively.
The financial investigation is ongoing and a confiscation hearing will take place later this year.

(Published 18 July 2010, 08:26 IST)

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