Alien object seen in Uruguay

The air force's UFO panel is analysing a photograph clicked by a person, who claimed a black spot was visible in the sky above the huge crowd that accompanied the bus carrying the football team as they toured the capital after having secured the fourth place in the World Cup, the El Pais daily reported.

Though the air force said no anomalies were noted in the airspace over Montevideo that day, as the sky was "well-monitored" by air force aircraft, which were performing acrobatic manoeuvres as part of the celebration, a scientific investigation will be conducted to determine the origin of the spot in the photograph.

"We never rule out the extraterrestrial hypothesis, but we also know that they can be physical particles or light displays," air force chief Col. Ariel Sanchez said. The air force studies an average of four photos a month showing alleged unidentified objects in the sky.

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