Indian pilot kidnapped in Congo

Indian pilot kidnapped in Congo

India is in touch with the central African nation's government over the safety of the pilot, said official sources.

Congolese rebels took the Indian, who was working as a co-pilot, hostage when they attacked an aircraft on a remote airstrip in a tin mining area of Walikale in the country’s North Kivu province. 

Congolese army General Baigwa Dieudonne Amuli has blamed Rwandan Hutu FDLR rebels for the attack over the weekend.

The plane was looted before it returned to Goma, the capital of the North Kivu, a resource-rich violence-ridden province of the nation.   

According to Goma Express, whose aircraft was attacked, a Russian colleague of the Indian escaped and flew the plane back to Goma, with a wounded Congolese national on board.
Media reports quoted Pedro Kadogi, director of Goma Express, saying food supplies, rather than money, had been on the plane.