Wizkid celebrates birthday with a difference

Wizkid celebrates birthday with a difference

Some years ago a three-year-old girl made it to headlines as a wizkid. This kid named Anvitha Swaroop could answer any general knowledge question at the snap of finger. Now the wizkid is 10 years old and she is growing up as a sensitive child who thinks about environment.

Going by her inclination, her parents have started a drive of planting and distributing over 250 fruit plants in the city as a part of Anvitha’s 10th birthday. Every year the birthday is celebrated in a meaningful manner.

Speaking about the programme at Press Club where the parents distributed some plants among the journalists, Anvitha’s father Nagaraj Suvarna said that they have distributed 120 saplings in Anvitha’s school- Beary’s Public School so as to make students develop liking towards plants and environment.

Suvarna has been planting plants in the city marking Anvitha’s birthday since last 10 years. Though the family had planted saplings all along Chilimbi road and many other areas, majority of plants have become victims of development. Hence, they have this year started reaching out to individuals. To develop love for nature and environment, the Suvarna couple used to take 5-year old Anvitha to Panambur beach and make her pick plastics and waste thrown on the shore.

By then, Anvitha had developed love for plants and animals and rightly she had set up 300 pots with vegetables plants around her house. “If we give little children just some plants they will not be interested in taking care of it. Hence, we decided to give them fruit plants because they will take care of the plant hoping to see the fruits,” said Nagaraj, an artist. The family is distributing saplings of mangoes, rambutan, ice apples, sappota etc.
Suvarna says that from this year onwards, he will dedicate Rs 500 from his income every month to purchase plants next year.

District Working Journalists’ Association President Harsha was the chief guest of the programme. He said that the family is celebrating the birthday of the wizkid in a distinct and a noble way. “This kind of celebration will certainly be a source of inspiration for others too,” he said.