Look out for alternative finance generating activities: Bopaiah

Look out for alternative finance generating activities: Bopaiah

He was speaking after the inauguration of a new tailoring training centre sponsored by the Backward and Minority Communities Department in the premises of Makkandur Gram Panchayat.

“Women play a major role in the progress of a family. As it is not possible to depend completely on farming profession to meet the livelihood, there is a necessity to turn towards self employment generating activities,” he suggested.   

MLA Appacchu Ranjan opined that it is possible to live a better life if the persons are updated and trained about various developments in the field of fashion so that women can come up with new designs to meet the expectations of the society.

“Tailoring is a profession where the expenditure is 10 per cent and the rest 90 per cent is the profit. So the women folk must understand the significance of the profession,” he said.   

Taluk Panchayat former President Napanda Ravi Kalappa said that many of them under Makkandur Gram Panchayat lack houses, so there is a need to provide housing facilities to the residents under Navagrama Nirmana scheme. “We require the help and support of MLA to obtain electricity facility to Gram Panchayat,” he said.

Responding to his plea, Appacchu Ranjan informed about the discussions that have been held with KPTCL Managing Director and Electricity Department General Secretary for the proper implementation of Rajiv Gandhi Rural Electricity Project. The work will commence within 15 days, he assured.

Taluk Panchayat President H S Subhashini, Vice-President Chitra Nanaih, Zilla Panchayat member B C Neelamma and others were present.