Disintegrating relationships

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Disintegrating relationships

Serious : A scene from Ukhade Log.

Amature Theatre group Gelayara Balaga is presenting a Hindi play Ukhade Log, written by Anil Thakkar and directed by D T Chenna Keshava Murthy on June 18, 7 pm at Ravindra Kalakshetra.

The story revolves around a family comprising a husband, wife, daughter and son, living under the same roof, yet strangers to each other. They don’t share a normal relationship with each other. As the drama progresses, we see that the relationships are just a formality to fulfil social obligations.

The husband, in the bid to satisfy his ambitions of becoming a chief engineer, uses his wife and achieves his purpose. But in turn he loses his peace of mind and happiness, and hence blames his wife who is innocent. A son is born which further sours the relationship, with the husband suspecting the paternity of his son and the fidelity of his wife. The play ends with the wife daring the husband and telling him that the only reason she is in the family is because she has put her life and soul into building it and cannot see it going waste.

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