The Happiness Canine

His black, shimmering nose prods me gently
And his eyes; tranquil waters of insatiable hope
Look up imploringly into mine
His tail wags beseechingly
Gently at first, but with an increasing intensity
That accomplishes in a single motion
More than a volley of barks could have.
Car keys jingle, the swish of a leash is heard
And he erupts jubilantly; A ball of explosive fur
Emitting triumphant yips punctuating each sentence
With gritty zeal and enthusiasm.
 He’s essentially got the heart of an adventurer
A heart that yearns
To explore the obscure
To discover the indefinite
To scour the world for possibilities
Possibilities that often lie veiled by disbelief
Not in his world, but in ours.
 His thrusts his head out from the window resolutely
With an air of complacent enjoyment
As our car whizzes past the world in general
For this is his world,
Pink, slobbering tongue dangling precariously from mouth
And spaniel ears temporarily elevated by the lusty winds
His eyes illumined by an almost fervent gleam
As he floats in a bubble of complete detachment.
When his paws aren’t on the armrest,
And his snout on the drearier side of the window,
He rests his muzzle against the car floor
To revel in its soothingly rhythmic motion
And eyes shut in silent contemplation.
 His eyes reflect a thousand worlds
Each world diverse and rare
Happiness permeates the creases lining his countenance
He’s got a slightly inebriated look
With a silly canine grin pasted on his face
He’s an explorer, a swashbuckler, a seeker
He’s the quintessential seafarer
Lost to the world
How easily he slips into blissful oblivion
With a trip in the family car


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