Opponent apologises to Indian-American candidate for racist blog post

In an effort to contain the damage, Pompe personally called Goyle today to apologise while his campaign said "this was a mistake".
"Just like his evil muslim communist USURPER comrad [sic], barrack hussein obama, This goyle character is just another 'turban topper' we don't need in congress or any political office that deals with the US Constitution, Christianity and the United States of America!!!" the blog, which was recommended by Pompe in a tweet to his followers, had said.

"The statements of the blogger in no way reflect my views. There is no place in campaigns or in public discourse for language of this nature. I have placed a personal call of apology and spoken to Rep Goyle directly expressing our campaign's regret for the error," said Pompeo.

"It was an honest mistake and our campaign truly regrets the error," said a statement issued by his campaign and added the mistake was discovered within less than an hour of it occurring and the Facebook post and Tweet were pulled down immediately upon our learning of the error.

"I have spent a great deal of time visiting with the staff person who inadvertently posted this link. I am convinced there was no malice in his actions. He mistakenly posted a link to the wrong Google alert," Pompeo stated.

Earlier, the Indian-American community expressed its outrage at such a hatred posting against Goyle, who is an emerging Democratic party leader and is one among the six Indian-Americans contesting the Congressional elections this November.
"It is stunning that a candidate for federal office would support such a hateful and bigoted tirade. There are always people on the fringe who will use ethnic smears to attack Indian-Americans, but we are outraged that a candidate for Congress would encourage his supporters to use such tactics," Kathy Kulkarni, president of the Indian-American Leadership Initiative, said.

"It is un-American and certainly contrary to the values of the people of Kansas. It is unfortunate that, even in 2010, we see campaigns tactics employed to generate fear, prejudice and hatred," Kulkarni said.

"This goes beyond the rules of engagement in politics. This violates the principles and core values of Kansans," the Goyle campaign had said in a statement.
"As we saw during the GOP Primary, Mike Pompeo will say or do anything in an attempt to win. He needs to personally and publicly answer for his campaign's promotion of intolerance immediately," it said.

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