Cutting edge of fashion

Cutting edge of fashion

If the way we commute to work, the foods we eat and the music we hear have been greatly transformed by technology, how can our wardrobes be behind? Modern fashion is smoothly stitching in advances in technology. This is not just changing the landscape of style but is also rapidly expanding user-comfort and flexibility.

Cosmetic surgery- transforming the way we look and dressCosmetic surgeons are radically transforming human faces and bodies; high-tech super fabrics are helping you stretch and squirm without missing a beat; kids are having fun with clothes that change colour with varying light; athletes are heaving a sigh of relief with shoes that not only help them run faster but also weigh less than their cellphone and of course, supermodels are more than thrilled with the tech-intensive cosmetics that are reinventing the way they look.

Let’s tour this brave new world with experts who are driving these fabulous innovations.
Body beautiful
Dr Mahesh A, Professor and Head of Department of Plastic Surgery, at Dr B R Ambedkar Medical College, remodels many human bodies daily.

“Everyone from 10 to 60 wants to look their best. Women are making a beeline for breast augmentation and lifts.  Men as well as women are eager to surgically correct the shape of the nose and lift sagging eyebrows and chins. Plastic surgeons today contour bodies and treat localised fat.” Cosmetic surgeries are complex procedures, and it is safest to leave it to highly qualified and experienced professionals, Dr Mahesh advises.

Tired of your looks, but shy of the scalpel? Some high tech skin treatments can be done in a jiffy now during the office lunch hour. Says Dr Snehal Shriram DNB, Head, Medical Services, Kaya Skin Clinic, “Technologically advanced peels can loosen dead and damaged skin cells at microscopic levels and speed up the natural regenerative process. Fractional laser technology causes changes in the skin protein and helps repair and rebuild by stimulating collagen building. Scars and age lines can vanish to be replaced by a fresh, plump look.”
Various types of laser can permanently remove hair and work other miracles. “Botox,” says Dr Snehal “is a much maligned injection that prevents brain signals from reaching the muscles. Expression lines ease when the treated muscles are used less.” Non surgical procedures can be safely done by dermatologists, Dr Snehal adds.  “The shape of the nose, cheeks or lips, for example, can be altered by filler injections that actually mimic the body’s own natural collagen. Standard fillers last 6-12 months, and can be repeated. Fashions change, and so can you.”

Guys are hopping on the beauty bandwagon along with the women. Nearly 30 per cent of Kaya’s clientele is male!

Hi-tech cosmetics
The advanced technology behind today’s cosmetics is to be seen to be believed. Lancôme, the leading international luxury cosmetics brand for instance, has a 10-year research programme in genomics, proteomics and transcriptomics, with 7 patents for unparalleled results. Its multi-patented pioneering power mascara has a high tech oscillatory system for the perfect make-up. Thumb pressure on the button activates a miniature motor for micro-oscillation!

Richa Singh, Marketing Manager, Garnier India, says, “Our studies showed that a combination of massage and caffeine was the best technology against bags and dark circles under the eyes. Massage helps natural draining and deflates tired eyes. Caffeine is known for its pharmacological properties and acts mainly as a stimulant. It promotes micro circulation in the skin and natural drainage. Interestingly, the idea of combining these two technologies came up over a cup of coffee!” The result, an eye roll-on that acts as a massage applicator with caffeine gel.

Future is here
Today it is easy to dress to kill in stylish clothes with fabulous futuristic features. Fed up of that inevitable tightness at your trouser waistband after every full meal? There are flexi-waist trousers with a totally concealed band that expands and contracts a whole inch to keep you feeling comfortable always.

“White and black cotton shirts are a dominant classic preference,” Vipin Tyagi, Sr Vice President at Reliance Trends says. “But they become discoloured after a few washes.” His team met the challenge head on to create Everwhite and Everblack cotton shirts that retain true colour wash after wash. A different performex technology is applied in their sports clothes using specially designed fibres that have extra areas to suck heavy sweat. Vipin says, “Innovative product technology such as wrinkle free fabrics, are available today in most premium brands.”

Allen Solly’s GO stretch and wrinkle free trousers collection is an example. Mr R Satyajit, Chief Operating Officer, Allen Solly, says, “It took the groundbreaking technology of DOW XLA fibre and product innovation, for us to be able to create this stretch fibre with the twin benefits of no-iron and stretch comfort.”

“Infants sense the world through smell and taste,” says Vipin Tyagi. “To stimulate their senses, we created the breakthrough Babe fragrance. These non-toxic pew cotton infant garments emit a mild, refreshing, scent when rubbed.” For older kids, there are non-toxic prints that change colour tints according to varying lights and intensities.

Watch out for these!
Once upon a time, the world said, watches could either be slim or water resistant but not both. Mr Xerxes Desai, then CEO of Titan, took up the challenge in 1984 to make Titan Edge, the slimmest water resistant watch in the world, by bring down the movement thickness from 3-3.5 mm to only 1.15 mm! Every step was a huge technological challenge. They had to decrease the size of all components within the movement.

An US supplier developed a battery which was not only the thinnest; it even had twice the amount of power backup, and ran much longer than regular batteries.
Every single one of the 30 odd components of the complicated step motor had to be specially manufactured, and then assembled correctly. Innovative special jigs and tools were created in-house to assemble the ultra slim components of the step-up rotor. A super thin top cover was specially created with special sapphire glass, which could be made much thinner than glass and still not break. High funda research went into the tiniest details to make the impossible possible.

See a different world
Seeing the world through rose tinted glasses? Trendy sunglasses and spectacles with lightweight, unbreakable lenses and high-tech finishes are available with reputed dealers. Sudhanshu Arora, Marketing Manager, Luxottica Group says, “Ray Ban’s Polarised lenses use cutting edge technology and exclusive treatments to block glare, reflections and distortion. They are extraordinary because they allow clear, sharp vision in any light situation, even when the light is Polarised.”

Best foot forward
Technology helps you to put your best foot forward as well. Puma, for instance, has introduced a new L.I.F.T- (Light Injected Foam Technology) shoe range called which makes the shoe one of the lightest at 173 gms! The L.I.F.T. Racer brings innovation to the running range with a unique midsole with a two colour EVA injection process, combined with an innovative design with a breathable mesh on the upper.
The shoe is ergonomically designed for the runner looking to get short distances into his workout.

Dr Scholl’s from Bata has a unique anatomic insole with extra cushioning to relax your feet while providing support. The ribbed surface of the insole gently massages your feet while walking. The soft sole absorbs all the shocks while walking. Dr Scholl’s Orthaheel footwear has a built-in orthotic bed that minimises stress in the foot and corrects posture to relieve related pain. These lightweight shoes also help to improve recovery time after a workout. 

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