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Last Updated 15 September 2010, 10:13 IST

Dear Madam,

I’ve passed Class 8, with 89.8 per cent. I am interested in studying a science-based course, especially chemistry and biology. I want to know more about pure science courses.

What are the advantages of taking up pure science or BSc after PUC? Is BSc compulsory for a pure science course or can we approach it directly after PUC? Could you suggest some good institutions in Bangalore that offer these courses?


Dear Keerthi,

It is good to find a young person trying to plan a course of action for a future career. It is also interesting that you are interested in pure sciences. For almost a decade or more, few students have been opting for pure sciences, with the result that many colleges are forced to close down some departments due to poor enrollment.

Some colleges are wary of giving admission to a BSc programme to someone who gets more than 75 per cent in PUC, for they find that the moment the student gets an engineering or a medical seat he/she leaves, depriving a genuine student of a seat.

India used to play a crucial role in scientific research in all disciplines of science. However, since engineering and technology became more popular and lucrative, interest in pure sciences dropped. The country will face the consequences as this will reduce academic and research study which is so very necessary for advancement in a variety of disciplines and industries.

To give you an example, manufacturing industries which depend on chemistry or one of its applications, are soap, paper, perfumes, fuels, paints, drugs, plastics, rubber, petroleum and so on. The scope is wide.

You are on the right track if you have the interest and aptitude for pure sciences. The way to go ahead is to do PUC with science subjects, BSc in the subjects of your interest, then MSc and PhD. Match yourself to the choice as you need to be happy with what you are doing.

Dear Madam,

I passed Class 10 with 55 per cent. With that percentage I didn’t get admission in a reputed college. I went on to do a science course and I failed in PCMB. My mother decided that I should take up a Diploma in Electronics and Communication. In that also I had backlogs and lost a year.

I won’t say that I am hard working, but if I aim for 80 per cent, I score only 40 to 45 per cent. I have completed my diploma and don’t know what to do. My friends suggest that I pursue engineering but I don’t think I have the ability. I am confused. Please help me.


Dear Karthik,

What would you do if you had a headache? Rest or take a tablet. Your headache goes, but after a few hours it comes back again. Now what would you do?
* Rest
* Take a tablet
* Visit a doctor to find out the cause

I would certainly choose the third option. If I look at your situation, I believe that from your Class 10 board exams or before that there have been indications that something was wrong. Instead of finding out the cause for the poor performance, your mother and you have gone on with a certain dream. The causes could be all or any of the following:

* Poor study methods and time management
* Inadequate reading comprehension, leading to lack of understanding
* Lack of aptitude for certain subjects. It is possible that the science stream was not suitable for you
* Lack of capacity to handle complex learning.

The role of the college, whether it is reputed or not, is only incidental and perhaps minimal. It is first and foremost the student’s interest, ability, aptitude, determination and perseverance to make a success of his course.

I suggest that you first find out the cause for your poor performance on your own or with someone’s help. Then, I think, if you get help from a career counsellor to find out what you are best suited to do, you will be moving forward in the right direction.

(Published 15 September 2010, 10:13 IST)

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