City's unique 'Landmark'

City's unique 'Landmark'


City's unique 'Landmark'

The lounge space at Hotel Golden Landmark, on KRS road in City.

Situated on the KRS road, Hotel Golden Landmark is a picture perfect place to be — whether you are a localite or a visitor to the city. For, the hotel carries best of many worlds to cater to various people. While locals are drawn to its multicusine restaurant and watering hole - Firkin Foyer; visitors to Mysore fall for its sun-lit interiors and oriental look, set amidst lush green surroundings. What’s more, though young with just three years of existence in Mysore, the place has huge trees, which were retained adding depth to the premises when the hotel was built.

Run by Prashanth Hotels Pvt Ltd, the company which has similar properties both in Mysore and Bangalore, the hotel is adjacent to the busy road, and yet  has complete serenity and calmness on the 12 acre premises. This premium property has a healthy mix of non-localites and localites “We have a lot of localites holding small parties, conducting weddings and related celebrations here” says Chef Hardip Sheru, who is also the head of Food & Beverages Operations told City Herald.

The companies love the place for its sheer expanse with variety of board rooms and halls to hold meetings, capacity to organise lively buffets and of course, theme based gala evenings before winding up the event. The restaurant has modern look serving multicusine dishes, including the signature ones, while the pub serving a variety of cocktails and mocktails has cosy and lovely colonial look. There is a separate vegetarian A view of the spacious well maintained pool ‘Shallow Blues’ on the premises. dh photoskitchen, respecting the preference of vegetarians. Spices and vegetables used are fresh and hand made, to add to the unforgettable taste. Spacious 16 villas and 50 club class rooms are built on contoured land with private balconies.

 Again, natural light has a big role in lighting up these rooms. Privacy and security is the most valued word here with digital and doubly secure locks which get activated and deactivated with check in and check out, respectively.

Architecture of this place is simply par excellence. While creating open spaces using wood and glass with minimum number of columns, the place looks spacious and yet cosy at the same time.  Protection walls are minimal, breeze is at its coolest best with sound and time standing absolutely still in the serenity. A sense of serendipity grips you here, and you sure won’t be any happier elsewhere.