The long and short of it

When the person saying it is acceptable, we do not need any long-winded explanation. We accept him/her as genuine and all that the person says, be it long or short, does not really matter. In fact not much need be said by such a person.

Jesus says that when we come in front of God we need not say many words as if God does not understand us or needs to be persuaded by us. He knows what we need even before we ask him but he wants us to ask so that we are clear about what we ask.

Often what we ask is so selfish and self-centred that we forget even to wish God our benefactor but straight away we make our demands. Jesus tells us to pray in simple words and gave us the beautiful prayer ‘Our Father’. It is so simple and has two parts: in the first part we praise God and in the second we ask for what we need and also ask

God pardon for ourselves and assure him that we have good feelings towards our neighbour to pardon his little faults (Cf. Mathew 6.7-15).

If you were a person who loves God and his ways, do you need to say many words to him? Even in silence, without even opening your mouth God will know what his devotee needs and will grant his heart’s desire because it is in tune with what He on his own wants to give him/her. You are precious to him. You are a son/daughter to him; you are a brother/sister to Jesus who is one with us humans, being himself fully human in his Incarnation.

You are a friend of the Holy Spirit who wishes to lead you into all truth, joy, peace and happiness. So why do you need to worry or be concerned what to say, how to say when you come in front of God? All that you need to be is to be genuine and plain. God who loves you and accepts you will bless you even more than you can imagine.

So do not go and ask any so-called holy men advice on what to say or how to say or what set prayers or incantation to use in order to force God to give you what you want. Just be simple and plain; accept your faults and failings before God; humble yourself and open your hands in humility and he will fill you with his blessings.

The long and short of the whole thing is that God loves you. It is just one word mantra Love. So put away all hatred from your life. Be at peace with yourself, with others and with God and whatever you ask will be given to you according to God’s wish.

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