Sneha, Gagan call the shots

Karnataka pair accounts for national marks on day of sandstorm

But the swimming contingent at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Vidyashram pool was taken by storm by Sneha T, who sank the national record twice on Wednesday, day two of the Junior National aquatic championship.

The Karnataka lass, who set a new national mark of 28.74 seconds in the morning heats, rewrote the 50M freestyle record in the Group II girls’ final as well later in the evening. The Bishop Cotton Girls High School ninth standard student led from start to finish to touch the tape in 28.12, again going past the record. The old mark of 28.74 stood for four years in the name of Lekha Kamath of Maharashtra.

“I feel really good after breaking the record twice. It will bring me huge confidence before going to Singapore for the Asian Youth Games,” said Sneha, who also won the 200 freestyle with a new national mark on Tuesday.

Three more national records fell on the second day. Gagan AP of Karnataka missed out on the all time best Indian time of 16:17.10 -- standing in the name of Mander Divase of Police -- by one hundredth of a second, through the 17-year-old did go under the national mark, clocking 16:17.22 in the 1500 freestyle for Group I boys. Gagan sent into oblivion the previous mark of 16.39.02 set by his State-mate Rohit Havaldar in 2006.
Talasha Prabhu of Goa timed 27.76 seconds to establish a new record in the Group I girls’ 50 freestyle event and became the fastest girl swimmer in the section. Gauri Desai of Maharashtra (who clocked 37.06S in heats) set the record in the 50M breaststroke for Group II girls.

Karnataka lead the overall table with 15 gold, nine silver and four bronze medals, while Maharashtra with eight gold medals remained in second spot.

Boys: Group I: 50M freestyle: Pulkeet Kumar (Har) 25.45, 1; Pruthvi KS (Kar) 25.60,2; K Divakar (TN) 26.01, 3.
1500 freestyle: Gagan AP (Kar) 16:17.22, 1. NR. Old record: 16.39.02 (Rohit Hawaldar, Karnataka, 2006); Saurabh Sangvekar (Mah) 17:24.58, 2; Akshay Krishna (Kar) 17:25.21, 3.
50M breaststroke: Aditya Roshan (Kar) 31.96, 1; Jashandeep Singh (Pun) 32.03, 2; Anjani Mishra (UP) 32.52, 3.
200M butterfly: Siddhant Deshmukh (Kar) 2:12.26, 1; E Abhinav Reddy (AP) 2:16.53, 2; Utpal Mallik (WB) 2:20.19, 3.
Group II: 50M freestyle: PP Sandeep (TN) 26.68, 1; Shaun D’Souza (Kar) and Prajwal KS (Kar) 26.79, 2.
800M freestyle: Shaun D’Souza (Kar) 9:19.77, 1; Sachin Kumar Maurya (UP) 9:35.22, 2; Ajay A (Kar) 9:37.72, 3.
200M butterfly: Sourav Saha (WB) 2:28.96, 1; JT Yugesh Kumar (TN) 2:32.40, 2; V Niranjan (TN) 2:33.03, 3.
Girls: Group I: 50M freestyle: Talasha Prabhu (Goa) 27.76, 1 (27.88 in heats). NR. Old record: 28.29 (Maharashtra, 2007); Heta D (MP) 28.85, 2; Monalisa M (WB) 28.92, 3.
400M freestyle: Sushaka Pratap (Kar) 4:44.06, 1; Srishti Tandon (Raj) 4:45.65, 2; Navya G Shenoy (Kar) 4:47.45, 3.
50M breastroke: Poorva Shetye (Mah) 37.74, 1; M Ragahvi (TN) 38.52, 2; Mankiran Kaur (Pun) 38.68, 3.
200M butterfly: Madhavi Giri (Kar) 2:31.55, 1; Sushaka Pratap (Kar) 2;34.62, 2; Harpreet Kaur (Dli) 2:36.37, 3.
Group II: 50M freestyle: Sneha T (Kar) 28.12, 1 (clocked 28.47 in heats) NR. Old record: 28.74 (Lekha Kamath, Maharashtra, 2005); R Sushmitha (TN) 29.34, 2; Divya V (TN) 30.11, 3.
400M freestyle: Kanchi Desai (Mah) 4:43.69, 1; Pratima Kollali (Kar) 4:49.70, 2; Anusha M (TN) 4:50.06, 3.
50M breaststroke: Gauri Desai (Mah) 37.33 (clocked 37.06 in heats) NR. Old record: 37.48 (Poorva Shetye, Maharashtra, 2007) Bhoomi R Motwani (Kar) 38.48, 2; Riya Orison (Ker) 38.85, 3.
200M butterfly: Vandita Dhariyal (Guj) 2:29.35, 1; S Darshini (TN) 2;40.76, 2; S Ashwathy Nair (TN) 2:44.02, 3.
On Tuesday: Boys: Group II: 100M breaststroke: L Mahesh (Man) 1:16.15, 1; Ashmit G (MP) 1;17.44, 2; Soham M (Mah) 1:17.90, 3.
Water polo: Boys: Karnataka: 16 (Ramprasad RM 6, Vignesh MS 3, Vishal Ajampur 1, Sandeep 5, Avinash Rao 1) bt Delhi: 2 (Saurabh 2); Manipur: 10 bt Madhya Pradesh: 2; West Bengal: 12 bt Maharashtra: 3; Kerala: 12 bt Punjab: 5.
Girls: West Bengal: 9 bt Delhi: 2.

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