Contractors must follow Indian Road Congress rules

Contractors must follow Indian Road Congress rules

SP Harish Pandey speaks at Janasamparka Sabhe organised by the Police Department at Ramanahalli in Chikkamagaluru on Thursday.

The guidelines for construction of national highways, state highways, district and village roads as laid down by the Indian Road Congress, must be followed by contractors, said Superintendent of Police Harish Pandey.

Unscientific speed breakers (humps) must not be built on the road, he added.  

Speaking at the ‘Janasamparka Sabhe’ organised at Ramanahalli by the police department on Thursday, he said contractors should put reflectors, on zebra-crossings and at curves. 

He urged people to air their grievances at the public interaction. “The police department is funded for creating road safety awareness by mounting signboards. Speed breakers will be created as per need” he added. 

Police app

He asked people to download the Karnataka State Police (KSP) app available both in Kannada and English.

“The app is helpful in reporting untoward incidents to the police. People can send photos, videos and audio clips. Or they can report an accident, fire or sale of drugs through the app. The app provides details of missing individuals and the location of the nearest police station. Informer details will be kept secret,” the SP stressed. 

The public aired their grievances related to waste disposal, streetlights, bike wheeling, unscientific humps, parking of lorries on either side of the roads, and nuisance caused by youth. 

The SP directed PSI Nandini to deploy a police vehicle near the Anganwadi and Urdu School at Ramanahalli Layout to ensure that youth do not cause nuisance.