Dasara heli-ride inaugurated

Dasara heli-ride inaugurated

A helicopter hovers over the Lalitha Mahal Palace in Mysuru on Saturday.

As part of the Dasara festivities, helicopter joy ride for tourists started on Saturday.

This is an opportunity for the visitors to get a bird’s eye view of prominent places of Mysuru city. The tourists can see Chamundi Hill, Mysuru Palace and Lalitha Mahal Palace in the 10-minute ride of a helicopter.

The helicopter ride costs Rs 2,399 per person. Already, two helicopters have been deployed for the ride on Lalitha Mahal Palace helipad.

Higher Education Minister G T Devegowda, who inaugurated the helicopter rides, said, “This is a good experience for citizens of Mysuru. Many people have a dream to fly in a helicopter, hence to realise their dream, this ride has been organised”.

Tourism and Sericulture Minister Sa Ra Mahesh said, “There is a good response from tourists for the ‘Akasha Ambari’ for Rs 999. Heli-ride will also attract tourists”.

The helicopter ride will be there till October 19. As per the demand from tourists the service will be extended for two more days.