Voters in Byndoor seek better road to development

Voters in Byndoor seek better road to development

Byndoor Legislative Assembly constituency has always been an interesting battleground. Now, both Congress and BJP are trying to win this seat.

Byndoor is one of the biggest Assembly constituencies not only in terms of landmass but also in terms of population. It is a blend of coastal and Malnad region. It has many problems in dry land region and remote areas.

The district (Udupi) shares the border with Uttara Kannada district and houses famous temples like the Kollur Mookambika and Shaneshwara.

Unlike the other Assembly constituencies, which come under Udupi-Chikmagalur parliamentary constituency, Byndoor comes under Shivamogga parliamentary constituency. The constituency comprises 65 villages and 39 Hoblis.

Congress candidate Gopal Poojary is confident of an easy victory as he asserts that he has done a lot of development works. The remote villages here have remained underdeveloped though both the national political parties claim that they have done a lot for the development works in remote hamlets. The basic infrastructure facilities are still minimal.

Bad roads here have disconnected the villages from the main city limits. Most of the villages face drinking water problem owing to the level of salinity in water as most of the areas in the constituency border along the sea.

Drainage system is also another issue in the interiors of the constituency. Sea erosion is an additional problem. In rainy season, it makes the area prone to destruction of tiny villages which border the sea.

As always, both the parties are playing the blame game during their door-to-door campaigns.

There are some Kudrus in the constituency which are totally disconnected from the external world and during monsoons, they remain submerged.

People in the Kudrus are forced to find alternative shelter during monsoon. Sand mining is going on undauntedly.

Tourism has better prospects and potential. But it still remains untapped.

Caste politics also plays a role. The constituency’s population comprises a lot of Bunts, followed by Billavas.
Both the BJP and Congress candidates are from two strong castes which will play a decisive role in the election.

Poojary told DH that he has already implemented several developmental works. He said if he gets another term, he will give priority to solve the drinking water woes. The roads which are in a pathetic state will be repaired, he said.

He added that vented dams will be built wherever necessary. A KSRTC bus depot will come up shortly as the work has already begun.

He said that he is confident of victory without any major challenge, as people are well aware of the development work implemented in the last five years.

BJP candidate B M Sukumar Shetty said that voters will surely reject the Congress as constituencey still remains undedeveloped despite voting for several years (nearly 18 years). T

he BJP will solve the drinking water problem as the interior areas face an acute shortage of water, he said.

JD(S) has also fielded its candidate Ravi Shetty who is confident that both the national parties will  be rejected by the voters.