Economic, social terrorism in country: Retd judge

Economic, social terrorism in country: Retd judge

Retired High Court judge Justice H N Nagamohan Das speaks at Jana Nudi, a two-day literary meet, organised by Abhimatha in Mangaluru on Saturday.

There is 'economic and social terrorism' in the country and an attempt is being made to create anarchy, Retired High Court Judge Justice H N Nagamohan Das said on Saturday.

Speaking at the Jana Nudi, a two-day literary meet organised by Abhimatha, at Shanti Kirana near Nanthoor in Mangaluru on Saturday, he said, “Unconstitutional forces are trying to control the resources and paving a way for economic and social terrorism.”

He further said that unconstitutional forces are trying to control the life of the people. By promoting the concept of one nation, one religion, these forces are trying to destroy the pluralistic structure of society.

“It is a tragedy that those who are attempting to control the lifestyle and food habits of the people are being supported by those who rule the country,” he added.

He said the people were silent when unconstitutional forces had attacked Christians, Muslims and the underprivileged. Now, the same forces are trying to attack the Constitution. Those who raise voice against unconstitutional forces are booked under the charges of sedition.

Pointing out that the independence of the judiciary is at threat, Justice Das said there is external pressure on the judiciary. Even in Ayodhya issue, the judiciary is facing external pressure, he added.

An attempt is being made to destroy autonomous institutions that are considered as the pillars of democracy, he said while referring to the CBI, RBI, Enforcement Directorate and others.

The voice of dissent is being suppressed by misusing power. Unless there is a check on social and economic terrorism, the country will move towards anarchy in the future, he warned.

“To retain the parliamentary democratic system in the country, we need those leaders who believe in the Constitution. There has been an increasing gap between the rich and the poor. About 60% of the resources in the country are in the hands of 1% of the population. The inequality has increased poverty and unemployment. The wrong policies have affected the development of the country,” he added.

“Those who represent us in the Parliament have criminal, real estate and industrial backgrounds. The bills are passed without any discussions. Unfortunately, the same Parliament did not get time to discuss Swaminathan Commission report submitted in 2006 for the protection of farmers even after 12 years,” he lamented.

Writer Dr Haseena Khadri said, “Vote bank politics destroy relations. The people of the country should be cautious of vote bank politics and foster the spirit of communal harmony.”

Actor Prakash Rai said, “A few unnecessarily created the issue of Sabarimala for political mileage. A party leader openly announced that it is a golden opportunity for them to take up their political activities in Kerala, which is a tragedy. “Dharma” is a personal issue. One needs to understand the fact that dharma will not help to get employment and ward off poverty in society.

“We oppose those who use dharma for political purpose. However, we are not anti-religion,” he added.

In her presidential address, writer Vinaya said freedom of speech and expression are being suppressed in the country. College students must study the Constitution as a mandatory subject, she added.

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