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Learning on job
Learning on job

Dear Sir,

I am currently studying in Class 11 (Commerce). I wish to pursue anti-terrorism and security studies. My aim is to join an intelligence agency in India. Could you suggest a university to materialise my interest and let me know the scope for the subject?


Dear Leela,

It is nice to see your interest in serving the nation. There are selected institutions offering degree courses in the fields of your interest, such as Karnataka, Madras, Osmania, Mumbai, Amity, Delhi, Gujarat Universities and Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS).

However, intelligence activity in India is only carried out by specific government agencies such as RAW and IB, who recruit officers through the annual UPSC and SSB exams, and is open to graduates from any stream. The top positions are usually filled in on deputation by IPS officers.

Dear Sir,

My son has just completed his 5th sem exams in CSE. We are confused about the options available after his engineering degree. Should he opt for campus placement and continue MS in the US after one or two years? Should he prepare for the CAT exams for Management course or pursue MTech or higher studies in India? Could you please suggest appropriate universities or links to source more information?


Dear Kumar,

Selection of his future course of action should depend on his interest, skills, personality traits and aptitude. Help him to first set long-term goals on what his career is going to be.

Accordingly, he can decide his next step. Going for MS abroad immediately after graduation will be useful if he has narrowed down to the specialisation he would like to study. He can then apply accordingly to universities that are reputed in that field.

If he is unsure then it is advisable to take up a job, preferably in a field that he may like to eventually pursue on a long-term basis. Let him not get carried away by brand names of companies or salary, as at this stage he should focus more on learning on the job. It is generally not recommended to take up a management course without work experience.

Dear Sir,

I am a Class 12 student (PCMC). I want to take up Astrophysics. However, I could not write the KVPY exam that was held last year. Is it necessary to write the KVPY exam to enter into the field of research or are there any other ways? Please suggest. Is there any scope for research in Astrophysics in India? Which are the best colleges in India where one can pursue Integrated Physics?


Dear Sanjana,

Courses in physics are offered by many reputed institutions including IITs, NITs, BITS, IISc, VIT, etc. If you have decided that you would like to be in pure sciences, do take up a degree course.

Some of the most reputed institutions offering integrated courses in science are IITs, Amrita, Bangalore and CMR Universities, TIFR, IISc, IISERs, NISERs.

The other option is for you to take up a regular degree course with Physics as your major in any good college, and then aim for a good institution for higher studies. Specialisation in Astrophysics is available in IISc, Institute of Astrophysics, etc.

Do not go by ‘scope’ if you are passionate about a field, have understood it thoroughly and are willing to work hard.

Opportunities will be available even if you struggle initially – and with globalisation, you may be able to live in India and work for organisations anywhere in the world.

Dear Sir,

I am in Class 10 and I have opted for IGCSE syllabus. I want to continue my studies in India so I am planning to do state syllabus instead of continuing International Board for Class 11 and Class 12. And I am planning to take up science. Can you suggest me some career options after Class 12?


Dear Rachana,

As a science student, the career options after Class 12 will be innumerable and very wide, including in non-science fields, regardless of the Board of Studies you pursue. It will be good if you start the process of narrowing down based on your skills, interest and aptitude so that by the time you come to Class 12 you can start preparing for entrance exams etc.

Not only the subjects but do give importance to the type of lifestyle that suits you most – for example, whether you would enjoy being in corporate, research, teaching, sustainable development, publishing, product development, etc.

If you are unable to narrow down, at least start the process immediately after your Board exams, meet knowledgeable people, collect data, talk to students and teachers and visualise which field suits you the most. Accordingly, you may set your long-term goals.

Dear Sir,

I had to discontinue my studies after matriculation due to personal reasons. I started my career as a salesperson and have constantly moved up in my career and presently in a management position in a European company. Now, at 41, I want to advance my skills and get a formal degree. Please guide?

P Ravi

Dear Ravi,

It is very commendable to read of your progress entirely on merit since you have not been backed up with academic qualifications.

Thankfully, we now have simple and convenient ways for you to acquire a UGC recognised degree through open university programmes. You can enrol in IGNOU or any of the other reputed open universities for a degree in management (BBA), and in three years without disturbing your work schedule you can acquire the degree.

For those who do not have a Class 12 standard qualification, there is an entrance exam which is not very difficult to clear.

Your graduation will open the doors for you to go for higher studies, either through executive management programmes or through membership of professional bodies such as Project Management International.

(Published 23 January 2019, 18:48 IST)

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