Lok Sabha Elections 2024 | PM Modi made all-out efforts to topple Himachal's Congress govt: Priyanka Gandhi in HP's Chamba

'Modi made all-out efforts to topple the democratically-elected Congress government in the state by indulging in corrupt practices and using money power,' she said at a rally in Himachal Pradesh's Chamba.
Last Updated : 27 May 2024, 10:01 IST
Last Updated : 27 May 2024, 10:01 IST

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Shimla/Dharamshala: Prime Minister Narendra Modi made all-out efforts to topple Himachal Pradesh's democratically-elected government by using money power, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra alleged on Monday.

The only purpose of BJP leaders, starting from Prime Minister Modi, is to grab power at any cost and they indulge in corrupt practices, bribe legislators and mislead people in the name of God to achieve their purpose, she claimed.

"Modi made all-out efforts to topple the democratically elected Congress government in the state by indulging in corrupt practices and using money power," the Congress general secretary said while addressing a poll rally in Chamba for party's Kangra Lok Sabha seat candidate Anand Sharma.

Priyanka Gandhi also asked the public if they would prefer such a leader.

Addressing another rally in Kangra district, she spoke about the Himachal's political turmoil that took place in February-March and alleged that legislators were given Rs 100 crore each by the BJP.

In the past two years, two major incidents took place in Himachal which reflected the true face of the Congress and the BJP, Priyanka Gandhi said.

"One was the worst monsoon disaster last year when every Congress leader and worker was on the ground while the BJP was seen nowhere. The second incident was the political turmoil created by the BJP which tried to topple the elected government...legislators were given Rs 100 crore each, hidden like thieves in the night and taken to a hotel in Chandigarh," she added.

The state cabinet that stood by the people of Himachal in times of disaster was betrayed in front of them, Priyanka Gandhi said.

The BJP government at the Centre was apathetic towards Himachal and did not give a penny for relief works during the disaster and even stopped the funds which were due as the people had voted for the Congress in the assembly polls, she said.

The Congress leader, who had visited the calamity-hit families, further said that PM Modi who claims that Himachal is his second home, did not visit the state even once during the disaster.

She also said the Congress was in power for 55 years but could not become the richest party.

The BJP, on the other hand, has become the richest party in the world in just 10 years, she claimed and asked how it is possible if Modi is honest and accused him of taking charity from anti-social and corrupt elements.

PM Modi has been branding the Congress as 'corrupt' but not telling how the BJP became the richest political party of the world, she said and added that a report had claimed that the saffron party spent Rs 60,000 crore in the past one or two years.

During her address, the Congress leader also spoke on her affinity with the state. "My heart is in Himachal Pradesh. It is a beautiful state, known for its culture and honesty. The country should learn from Himachal Pradesh." Accusing the prime minister of doling out national assets like coal mines, ports and airports to his millionaire friends, Priyanka Gandhi said that it was being done to get money which the BJP needs for purchasing the MLAs to topple governments and running TV channels.

She added that the Congress never toppled any elected government and would never do that.

Claiming that all the policies and schemes of the Centre are aimed at benefiting the rich, she alleged the Agniveer military recruitment scheme was brought to pave way for intervention of millionaires in the defence sector.

"Even in Himachal, big cold storages have been built by Adani and other corporates, who would determine the price of apple," she said.

The prime minister and other BJP leaders never speak about unemployment and inflation, and the situation is so bad that the number of educated unemployed youth has reached 70 crore, she said.

Taking a dig at PM Modi, the Congress leader said that he comes here like a tourist, clicks photographs and post a video online in which he is capturing the beauty of Mandi with the song "Chamba kitni dur" playing in the background, and claimed that the song speaks the truth as the PM is not concerned about people's plight.

The Himachal government has started giving Rs 1,500 to women, she said.

Priyanka Gandhi also said that the Congress has promised to give Rs 8,500 per month to eldest female members of poor families, 50 per cent government jobs to women, and would double the wages of ASHA, Anganwari and mid-day meal workers.

The Congress would scrap the Agniveer scheme after coming to power, bring a law for ensuring MSP (minimum support price) to farmers, set up a permanent commission for giving loans to farmers and provide free medical insurance up to Rs 25 lakh, she promised.

Congress candidate Anand Sharma also criticised the Agniveer scheme and said that the scheme does not give any pension or medical facility.

He said four tunnels -- Chamba-Chowari, Holi-Utrala, Badri pass and Saach pass -- would be constructed and Himachal would be brought under religious circuit.

Besides, Pathankot military airport would be opened for civilians, a multi-speciality hospital and passport office would come up in Chamba, and fruit processing units and cold storages would be constructed to ensure remunerative returns to growers, Sharma said.

Alleging that the BJP is dividing society which is harmful for the nation, Sharma asked voters to exercise their franchise for saving the Constitution.

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Published 27 May 2024, 10:01 IST

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