A curdled romantic concoction

Last Updated 26 September 2014, 19:31 IST


Kannada (U/A)    *

Director: Samuel Tony 

Cast: Akash, Depika Das, Ramya Barna, Sumithra, Suchitra, Ashwath Neenasam

Trust film-makers to take viewers for granted. Blinkered in their vision that anything offered will be lapped up, they leave audiences with no choice.

So, drawn by the delicious title, a handful took the bait and Doodhsagar ensured that they regretted their decision.

An atrocious film, one wishes director Tony had put more thought into its making. The premise of two distraught lovers meeting at a critical point in their lives could have made for a cracker of a film.

However, by trodding the beaten track, Tony reduces Doodhsagar into another tiresome tale. Akshay has run away from his village following a charge of rape and murder of his sweetheart Archana.

Harini has her own reasons to hit the serpentine highway, alone and adventurous. Nearly mauled by bad elements, she latches onto a reticent and bemused Akshay like a leech.

Whether the two drifting and disparate souls find meaning in each other’s company forms the thin thread of Doodhsagar’s insufferable tale. 

There’s nothing to write home about the film — adrift and sinking into the morass of its own making. Elucidating further would be giving away its element of mystery about Harini. It’s better to leave this curdled milk alone. 

(Published 26 September 2014, 19:31 IST)

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