A song for parents and kids by YouTuber Sejal Kumar

A song for parents and kids by YouTuber Sejal Kumar

Fashion and lifestyle YouTuber Sejal Kumar has produced a music video called ‘Aisi Hu’ highlighting the importance of open communication at home. It is part of a campaign on which YouTube and Obama Foundation are collaborating.

The video shows Sejal living in a claustrophobic environment where she is too scared to be herself. “She has to hide everything from her parents, be it her relationship with a boy or a sanitary napkin. She’s expected to come back home early and she’s given no freedom of speech. Overall, she’s just too awkward,” explains Sejal.

In one of her latest videos on her YouTube channel (Sejal Kumar), she answers questions, with her gynaecologist mother, about sex. She says, “Yes, I have a pretty open relationship with my parents but doing that video itself was awkward. But I wanted to do it to break the stigma and I’m glad I could make an impact in some way.” 

Sejal, who recently moved to Mumbai to pursue her career, is going back to Delhi to be with her parents. 

“I started my YouTube career shooting everything on my own in my room. With the Covid-19 scare and the lockdown, I hope to restart that now,” she signs off. 

Web campaign
YouTube Creators for Change is a campaign by YouTube and Obama Foundation to “make a positive impact on the world”. Before Sejal Kumar, Prajakta Koli, Girliyapa and Niharika Sim were chosen for this initiative from India.