The Lead: 'Shivaji Suratkal' director on its re-release

DH Radio | The Lead: Director Akash Srivatsa on re-release of his film 'Shivaji Suratkal'

Akash Srivatsa. Credit: File Photo

In this episode of The Lead from DH Radio, Director Akash Srivatsa talks about his film Shivaji Suratkal: The Case of Ranagiri Rahasya, its second part, the new normal and more. 

Ahmed Shariff: Hi. This is Ahmed Shariff and welcome to the Lead. Theatres have opened and in Karnataka, there are a few movies that have re-released. One among them is a hit-movie, Shivajisuratkal. Today we are joined by the film's director Akash Srivatsa to talk about the film, its second part, the new normal and more. Listen in.
Hi, Akash and welcome to DH Radio.

Akash Srivatsa: Hi  Ahmed. Very good to connect.

Ahmed: How are you doing?

Akash: I'm doing superb.

Ahmed: Nice to hear that. Let's begin with the questions. My first question to you is, Shivaji Suratkal has been re-released. How do you feel about it?

Akash: It's a good feeling. To see the film which has been accepted by people come back to the theatres. Especially, with the theatres being closed for some time. The arrival of the movies, especially at the time of Dasara, it's even more special for us...

To know more about the conversation, listen to the podcast.

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