DH Radio | The Lead: Saif Baidya on his film 'Noise of Silence'

Last Updated 27 October 2020, 03:09 IST

In this episode of The Lead from DH Radio, Director Saif Baidya talks about his film Noise of Silence.

Ahmed Shariff: Hi, this is Ahmed Shariff and Welcome to The Lead by DH Radio. Today, we are joined by the Director of Noise of Silence, Saif Baidya. Hi Saif and welcome to DH Radio. Said, can you tell us what the movie is about.

Saif Baidya: There are two plots in the film. In the first one, there is a couple and the wife is bed-ridden. The couple doesn't find their names in the NRC list and the film shows their struggles. The second story is about a Rohingya woman who comes to India in search of her mother.

Ahmed: How did you get the idea?

Saif: I was working on the Rohingya story and I was approached for a story. In the meantime, my assistant director told me that he had to go to his native now and then because his and his mother's name wasn't listed in the NRC though the name of his father, who happens to be an Armyman, was listed. Then I got the second plot, which was inspired by his story. They had to struggle for 5 years and finally, their names were listed. When the agitation grew in 2019, my story was accepted. I couldn't get a proper line production in Assam for the shooting and we were shown location in Tripura, which all of us liked. No Bollywood film has shown these locations.

Ahmed: Tourism will increase because of this?

Saif: Yes. Tripura tourism is there in our film. The department permitted us and we have used 20 locations. We have also shot in a village close to the border where people from both sides come to trade.

Ahmed: These are emotive issues, can you tell us about the research that you did?

Saif: We have done a lot of research. We will give information to people via this film. It's not just about the story, the audience will take information with them too.

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(Published 27 October 2020, 01:34 IST)

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