Suni, Ganesh collaborate again in middling comedy drama

Suni, Ganesh collaborate again in middling comedy drama

Ganesh in 'Sakath'.

Kannada (Theatres)
Director: Suni
Cast: Ganesh, Nishvika Naidu, Surabhi, Sadhu Kokila

Rating: 2.5/5 

Sometimes, your good reputation can become a burden. Director Suni got the screen name ‘Simple’ Suni after the roaring success of his debut ‘Simple Aagi Ondh Love Story’ (2013). He seems to have taken his moniker too seriously as we see him making only simplistic films.

‘Sakath’, starring Ganesh, is a comedy thriller mixed with a courtroom drama. Like ‘Chamak’ (2017), Suni’s previous collaboration with Ganesh, this depends more on situation comedy than on a coherent story. So you get a feeling that the plot is directionless even if you are engaged and entertained in parts.

Ganesh plays Balu, a blind singer (or is he?) who enters a reality show to impress his crush, anchor Mayuri (Surabhi). Balu’s adventurous life turns upside down when he witnesses an accident. How can a blind man describe the accident and yet be an effective witness in court?

It is an interesting premise and the film is breezy till we get to this jurisprudence point. The film takes digs at reality shows and people’s perceptions of visually challenged people. Suni’s crackling one-liners are sure to impress the college crowd. Even the courtroom drama is hilarious if you accept the cinematic liberties taken by Suni.

The film goes on a downward spiral when Balu meets a visually challenged teacher (Nishvika) at a blind school. Suni succeeded in ‘Operation Alamelamma’ (2017) because it didn’t take itself too seriously. But here, he wants to cater to everyone and so forces songs and fights into the plot.

Balu, after a couple of incidents, becomes sympathetic towards blind people. Though his intentions are good, the serious tone doesn’t fit the film’s universe. Balu solves the accident case a bit too conveniently. It is encouraging to see Ganesh excel in a role that does not clone his previous romantic hero persona. As for Suni, he seems to have ditched the ambitious self that helped him make ‘Simple Aagi..’ and ‘Bahuparak’ (2014).


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