'Dharmaveer 2' teaser hints at a gripping story of heroism and revenge

Starring Prasad Oak, the film is a sequel to the 2022 hit 'Dharmaveer', continuing the biographical story of Anand Dighe.
Last Updated : 09 July 2024, 09:25 IST

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The teaser of Marathi movie Dharamveer has been released and has generated a wave of excitement among cinema lovers.

Starring Prasad Oak, the film is a sequel to the 2022 hit Dharmaveer, continuing the biographical story of Anand Dighe, a notable Maharashtrian leader renowned for his steadfast dedication to justice.

Actor Prasad took to his social media account and shared the nearly 2-minute teaser offering a powerful glimpse into the film’s dramatic storyline.

The teaser opens with an emotional scene where a woman in a burkha ties a rakhi to Anand’s wrist. When he asks her to unveil her face, she reveals a scar, symbolising her suffering and setting the stage for the film’s central conflict.

Anand Dighe, played by Prasad, is then shown leading his followers to seek justice for the woman, emphasizing his role as a champion for the oppressed.

As the teaser progresses, it's clear that Dharmaveer 2 will delve into themes of justice, valor, and the struggle between good and evil.

Anand's character emerges as a formidable champion against injustice, ready to face any adversaries endangering his people.

Prasad’s compelling performance promises to embody Anand’s unwavering determination and leadership.

Finally, it concludes with a striking scene where Anand stands outside a residence and proclaims, “No matter which community or religion, if the lady of the house is miserable, he has set himself up for destruction," followed by a dramatic kick to the door.

The movie will hit theatres all over Maharashtra on August 9, 2024.

Published 09 July 2024, 09:25 IST

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