Engaging, but not edge-of-the-seat thriller

Last Updated 01 February 2019, 17:31 IST

Film: Anuktha

Rating: 3/5

Language: Kannada (U/A)

CAST: Karthik Attavar, Sangeetha Bhat, Sampath Raj, Anu Prabhak

Director: Ashwath Samuel

Though debutante Ashwath Samuel's Anuktha (meaning truth or untold so far) fails to be an edge-of-the-seat thriller, the flick is engaging. It assures much-improved flicks in the same genre by the mostly new and non-star cast.

Produced by Harish Bangera, the story revolves around three murders. However, Samuel fails to handle the horror and suspense as he stuffs psychological and religious elements. In the melee, the movie falls flat due to a poor storyline.

The plot is set in Mangaluru against the backdrop of the Daiva Kola tradition. A murder is committed in the early 1990s, followed by another murder after 25 years to hush up the first one. The third murder happens as part of revenge for the first one.

As against the first half, the second half is captivating and engaging. However, minutes after the second half begins, the audience could easily guess the climax.

The psychological and religious elements haven't been explored to the fullest. Director fails to establish the link between the tradition and the murder. For this, the director relies on beliefs in the region.

The story has absolutely no reference to the background of the protagonist leading to his reunion with his father. There are a few other errors that could be ignored considering the maiden attempt of the crew.

Samuel forces three songs into the horror genre which affects the pace of the narration.

Lyrics are buried in the noise and beats of the music, but background score by Nobin Paul deserves mention.

Karthik Attavar a big let in terms of acting. He fails to express emotions. Sangeetha Bhat steals the show in some sequences. Sampath Raj, Usha Bhandari and Anu Prabhak, though her screen appearance is restricted for few minutes, score full marks.

Technically, the flick draws attention.

(Published 01 February 2019, 15:39 IST)

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