IAF announces mobile game for July 31 launch

IAF announces mobile game for July 31 launch

Included in package: The Abhinandan moustache

PUBG lovers can look forward to another mobile action game, this time from the Indian Air Force. The IAF has announced its own mobile game -- Indian Air Force: A Cut Above -- and slated its launch on July 31.

The game will launch with a single-player mode and a multiplayer mode is promised to come soon. The IAF also released a trailer of the game, which comes complete with a character sporting the famous Abhinandan moustache (whether or not it is supposed to be Abhinandan himself is unknown). The trailer is filled with the speech you'd see in the 'Join IAF' videos, with some snippets of gameplay and a not-very-subtle reference to the Balakot airstrike.



The plane models in the trailer look decent, but the environment is very low-res, akin to what you'd expect to see in a console game made in the mid-to-late-2000s.

"Indian Air Force: A Cut Above" launches on Android and iOS.