Is Shiv Sena listening? Kareena wants a beautiful saree

Shiv Sena workers expressed their anger over a poster of Karan Johar's latest production 'Kurbaan' in Mumbai yesterday, where the actress is shown flashing her bare back.

"We will soon visit Kareena's residence and present her a saree," party's area Vibhagpramukh Jitendra Janawale had said.
While the actress has not received any gift from the party as yet, Kareena insisted that if they do send a saree it better be good.
"I have not received any saree yet but I hope it will be beautiful one," Kareena said on the sidelines of a promotional event of 'Kurbaan' in the capital.
Women Shiv Sena members, led by Janawale, tied a saree around the poster of Kareena, who is shown holding a bare-chested Saif Ali Khan, her real life boyfriend in the image.

Reacting to the claim that the posters are vulgar, the actress said, "I do not find anything wrong with the poster. I think it is very aesthetic."
The film starring Saif Ali Khan and Vivek Oberoi along with Kareena is slated to hit the theatres on November 20.

Directed by Rensil D'Silva, it is "essentially a love story set against the backdrop of terrorism," Kareena said.

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