Male: Romancing in the rain

Last Updated : 07 August 2015, 18:12 IST

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Kannada (A)
Cast: Prem Kumar, Amulya, Sadhu Kokila, Bullet Prakash, Padmaja Rao
Director: A R Shiva Tejas
Rating: 3 stars (***)

Male (rain), a mushy monsoon romance, reminds one of similar films of the genre. Shot in the picturesque Sakleshpur region, Male is indeed a visual and touristy delight.

The film, though a proverbial romance told with humour, tries to drive home the message that convincing a girl that you sincerely love her is not an easy task.

Girls are as street-smart and wise to the games of boys, that they no longer fall for the wily guiles of loverboys and swoon over them, however true the boys’ intentions may be.

Prem plays Varun who, as sudden as a mid-day downpour, falls head over heels in love with Varsha (Amulya). As he hands her brolly back, lightning strikes and it rains, symbolising auspiciousness.

Though Varun believes he has made the catch of his life, Varsha plays hard to get. A smitten Varun stalks her all the way to Malligepura where Varsha is headed for the marriage of her friend.

Varun firmly resolves to have her as his mate, at all cost. But she brooks no nonsense from him, saying it is all fatal attraction.

Their verbal volley and jolly banter bring fun and comic elements into the film. The narrative, however, is rather mundane. Had R Chandru, the producer of the film, put more thought into his script and story, Male could have worked wonders.

Still it makes for a fun watch. In short, a time-pass, paisa vasool fare.

Published 07 August 2015, 18:12 IST

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