'Rubaru' short film review: Makes for a good watch

'Rubaru' short film review: Tisca Chopra-starrer hits the right notes

'Rubaru' revolves around the journey of an actor

Tisca Chopra in 'Rubaru'. Credit: Twitter/@tiscatime

Cast: Tisca Chopra, Arjun Mathur and Chirashi Rawat

Director: Tisca Chopra

Rating: 3/5

Actor Tisca Chopra's latest short film Rubaru, which was released on a popular YouTube channel on Saturday (November 28), is a sincere attempt at storytelling that makes a fair impact. It revolves around what happens when an actor faces a personal and professional crisis while preparing for the most challenging role of her career. 

The basic storyline is quite interesting and touches upon quite a few common yet rarely talked-about issues faced by 'stars'. The intriguing plot lives up to expectations due to effective writing. The screenplay 'shows' the insecurities of the protagonist and hits the right notes despite the fact that Rubaru is merely 14 minutes long.

The short begins with Tisca's character struggling to find her rhythm while rehearsing for a play. The simple yet engaging sequences introduce viewers to the world of 'Rubaru' while setting the stage for what is to follow. The film goes on to highlight the similarities between the problems faced by the protagonist and the ones experienced by her 'stage avatar'. 

Rubaru features quite a few subplots, which would have made a stronger impact had this been a feature film as opposed to a short. 

The climax features a nice twist, which is anything but predictable. It helping Rubaru end on a good note. Tisca is the heart and soul of the short film and leaves fans asking for more. Her expressions in a key scene are worth their weight in gold. 

The supporting cast, featuring names such as Arjun Mathur and Chirashi Rawat,  does not really get much scope.

The background score is quite generic but the silences speak. The production values are upto the mark given the limited budget of the film.  The dialogues pack a punch despite being simple. The 'it's called acting' line towards the end strikes a cord  

The technical aspects have been handled with a fair degree of competence. 

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