'Schwarzenegger hid sex life as adeptly as Pakistan hid Osama'

'Schwarzenegger hid sex life as adeptly as Pakistan hid Osama'

"That Schwarzenegger could keep his paternal exploits secret from his wife for more than 10 years is as remarkable as the fact that Osama bin Laden was secretly housed within the Pakistani military community of Abbottabad for five years," said the Los Angeles Times, which exposed the former California governor's love child with his housemaid Mildred Baena.

In an opinion piece, the paper said, "Yes, the chickens have come back to roost. Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has little to crow about, and his only association with crow is to eat it. We all knew he had the lust to compare with his biceps."

But the paper said the Terminator failed only at his marriage, not governing California during his two terms as a Republican governor in a Democratic state.

"Schwarzenegger deserves all the derision he is receiving for his moral shortcomings. However, he has surely had a bum rap regarding his tenure as governor. The onus belongs on the liberal pundits and Democratic legislators who successfully killed the propositions that would have helped transform California's government, schools and the economy," the paper said.

Meanwhile, the celebrity website RadarOnline, which was first to reveal the housemaid's name, reports that the mother of Arnold's 13-year-old son has disappeared from her home in Bakersfield near here and hired a lawyer.

"Since news of Baena's affair with Schwarzenegger broke, the mother of five has not been seen at her Bakersfield, Calif. home and sources close to her tell RadarOnline.com she is keeping a very tight lip on where she is and what her next move will be."

The website said Baena has hired a Los Angeles law firm "to fight unflattering reports about her. How did we learn? She didn't like what we wrote so her new attorney sent us a letter! So who is paying the bill for the large firm? People in Arnold's camp aren't saying".