Taish' movie review: Makes a decent impact

'Taish' movie review: Pulkit Samrat-starrer makes a decent impact

'Taish' stars Pulkit Samrat in the lead role.

A still from 'Taish'. Credit: Zee5

Director: Bejoy Nambiar

Cast: Pulkit Samrat, Harshvardhan Rane, Sanjeeda Shaikh and Jim Sarbh

Rating: 2.5/5

The eagerly-awaited Taish, which was released on Zee5 on Thursday (October 29), is a sincere attempt at storytelling that makes a decent impact despite not living up to its potential. The movie is a crime-drama and revolves around what happens when two good friends reunite for a wedding. 

The basic storyline is intriguing and has enough 'masala'  to click with a section of the audience. Its impact, however, is diluted by the middling screenplay. Taish starts off on a dark and intense note, setting the tone for what is to follow. 

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Things, unfortunately, go downhill thereafter due to the unengaging narrative. The film luckily gets back on track around the 60-minute mark with a shocking twist adding a new dimension to the reel action. 

A fight scene set in the washroom hits the right notes with its organic intensity. The proverbial 'business end' of Taish is strictly okay despite being a bit predictable. It, however, has the potential to click with a section of the audience. 

Taish has quite a few interesting subplots but none of them are explored properly. 

Coming to the performances, Pulkit Samrat is the heart and soul of the film and strikes a chord with his raw intensity. He also manages to bring not the vulnerability of the character quite well. 

Jim Sarbh is sincere and manages to highlight the vulnerability of his character in a crucial scene. His classy screen presence is likely to appeal to the 'Gen Y' crowd. 

Harshvardhan Rane is not able to do justice to his complex character despite putting his best foot forward as he has been miscast. Talented actors Kriti Karbanda and Sanjeenda Shaikh do not get much scope as they are burdened with generic characters.

The supporting cast is strictly okay.

The background music does not really add much to the narrative. The songs gel with the narrative but have no recall value whatsoever. The editing could have been a bit better as the film feels a bit disjointed at points. 

The other technical aspects are up to the mark. 

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