World Government Summit in Dubai: Shah Rukh Khan speaks about timeless success

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Shah Rukh Khan are the only Indians invited to address the esteemed World Government Summit (WGS) in Dubai.
Last Updated : 14 February 2024, 07:50 IST

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Shah Rukh Khan, fondly called 'King Khan', graced the stage at the World Government Summit (WGS) for an insightful conversation-session titled 'Timeless Success: A Conversation with Shah Rukh Khan' in Dubai.

Renowned for his magnetic screen presence and unparalleled wit, SRK's enduring legacy in Indian cinema spans almost three decades, making him a fitting representative of Indian excellence on the global stage.

SRK is the only Indian actor to be invited to the World Government Summit and it was his first time at the prestigious gathering dedicated to shaping the future of governments globally.

The superstar took center stage for a conversation entitled 'The Making Of A Star: A Conversation With Shah Rukh Khan', a 15-minute discussion on his ascent to fame and fortune.

He shared his personal insights and experiences at the session that explore valuable lessons on perseverance, creativity, and navigating the path to enduring success. The discussion explored the principles that have shaped Khan's remarkable career.

The World Government Summit has emerged as a pivotal platform for sharing governance best practices, fostering collaboration, and envisioning innovative solutions for global challenges. As India takes center stage as the distinguished guest at this year's WGS summit, it highlights the nation's significant contributions to the global discourse on governance, development and progress.

Several prominent heads of State including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Qatari Emir Sheikh Mohamed bin Hamad Al Tahni and Turkey's PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the WGS summit.

Published 14 February 2024, 07:50 IST

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