Zayn Malik says he has stopped identifying as a Muslim

Zayn Malik says he has stopped identifying as a Muslim

Pop star Zayn Malik. (Image source: Twitter)

Pop star Zayn Malik has revealed he no longer considers himself a Muslim because he does not "believe any of it".

In an interview with British Vogue, the former One Direction star said while he has a spiritual belief, he does not subscribe to the tenets of Islam.

"I don't believe you need to eat a certain meat that's been prayed over a certain way, I don't believe you need to read a prayer in a certain language five times a day. I don't believe any of it.

"I just believe if you're a good person, everything is going to go right for you," Zayn said.

The singer is the son of British-Pakistani father Yaser, and mother Trisha, who converted to Islam.

Zayn said his personal rejection of religion was not a major issue in his house, and that he still finds beauty in world faiths.

"I've never spoken publicly about what my religious beliefs are. I'm not professed to be a Muslim. I believe whatever people's religious beliefs are is between them and whoever or whatever they're practising. For me, I have a spiritual belief of there is a god. Do I believe there's a hell? No," he added.