'We have promised CM that we will not quit party'

‘If D K Shivakumar is kept away from Belagavi, all will be fine’

The Jarkiholi brothers - Ramesh and Satish -- are keeping the JD(S)-Congress coalition on tenterhooks. They have threatened to rebel against the party if their demands are not fulfilled. One of their main grouses is Water Resources Minister D K Shivakumar’s interference in Belagavi politics. In conversation with Ashwini Y S of DH, Satish shed some light on the recent developments.

Laxmi Hebbalkar has said that you and your brother are blackmailing the party.

There is no question of blackmailing. Our only demand is that an outsider shouldn’t interfere in our district. We haven’t said that Shivakumar shouldn’t enter the district or hold meetings. But he shouldn’t interfere in our internal affairs. 

Laxmi was in your political camp. Now she turned against you.

No, she was never in my camp. Shivakumar, Ramesh Jarkiholi and she were always together - they were closely associated with each other. Theirs is a different group, while I am associated with a different group.

Shivakumar says that he is good friends with the Jarkiholis.

Yes, that’s true. But it’s better if he restricts it only to friendship. I’m not sure if he will maintain it that way. We can’t interfere in Ramanagar politics - likewise, he too should restrict himself.

Why hasn’t the high command taken any measures with regard to Shivakumar?

He has grown too big in politics. He has direct contact with the high command. He has also contributed to the party - so have we. The high command has taken measures. The leaders have held talks with Shivakumar. It has been made clear that only district incharge ministers should take care of district affairs.

Why did the local politics spiral out of control?

When two strong political leaders enter the battlefield, there is bound to be a clash. It was a fight between Ramesh and Shivakumar and it spiralled out of control. The contest was initially between Laxmi and me. It was a taluk-level election. But Ramesh entered the scene as Shivakumar started interfering.


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Satish Jarkiholi with Laxmi Hebbalkar. (DH Photo)


Everybody was waiting for Siddaramaiah’s return from the Europe trip and resolve the Belagavi impasse. Have you spoken to him?

Siddaramaiah has got nothing to do with Belagavi politics. So, the question of him trying to resolve the deadlock does not arise. Ramesh spoke to Siddaramaiah. But I haven’t.

Isn’t it strange that the chief minister had to intervene to settle an internal dispute of your party?

Our meeting with the chief minister was with regard to development. We have resolved the Shivakumar issue within the party. We didn’t discuss politics with the chief minister. There are two issues - development and party affairs, both have been resolved.

Your brother Ramesh hasn’t given any indication that the issue has been resolved.

That isn’t the case. We are all together. We discussed the issues with the chief minister for over an hour. We have promised that we will not quit the party. There is no question of going back on our word. We have to solve the issues step by step.

Will you be going Delhi to meet the party leaders?

I will go tomorrow evening. I will meet K C Venugopal, Mallikarjun Kharge, Muniyappa and other leaders. I will be going alone.

Have you asked for a ministerial post?

I can think about it only after two years. The party has given an assurance, I have decided to be patient. But it’s a fact that I am a strong aspirant.

What do you have to say to the BJP, which is making a desperate bid to come back to power?

The BJP can’t pull off ‘Operation Kamala’. MLAs don't want another election.



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