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Straying from traditional beer variants offers cartloads of perks, writes Pooja Prabbhan
Last Updated : 07 November 2020, 19:15 IST

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As the world trudges towards normalcy — with protracted unlocks and relaxations across the city — it’s only fair for patrons to look forward to a satisfying drinking experience at their favourite watering hole.

With microbreweries resuming business after months of inactivity, F&B connoisseurs observe a burgeoning demand for craft beer over mass-produced brews.

“Breweries help in cutting down the carbon footprint and help foster sustainability. When you produce craft beer, it eliminates the need for bottling, transport etc., thus making it more sustainable.

Moreover, local brewers get a platform to brew their own unique kinds and flavours of beer,” avers Robert Hospet, a mixologist and beverage manager of a popular outlet.

What makes it tick?

Ever wondered why craft beers taste totally different from the watery mass-produced bottled beers? Well, the reason is simple: Craft beer is always made with fresh ingredients without chemical preservatives. “With time, the ingredients and brewing technology has also seen an improvement. Compared to bottled beers made with preservatives, craft beers are always a good option with health benefits. There are hundreds of categories/varieties of craft beers compared to bottled beers, which are only lagers,” states Kuncheria Maratt, partner at a Bengaluru-based Brewpark. Enthusing how the current generation of customers largely comprises the third generation patrons, Robert Hospet infers that new-age pub-hoppers are more outgoing, and are willing to experiment with grub and glugs. “The clientèle’s palettes are more refined and educated as compared to earlier. Due to the difficulty in importing international brands, people started brewing their own brands of beer. This is what has led to the number of microbreweries coming up. The fact that there are also more varieties in beers and that they contain less alcohol is another reason which makes craft beers tick.”

Travel as you sip on

A volley of experts suggest that an innate desire for bold new flavours, tastes and styles stems from travel — an area that young adults are now investing in. “Great craft beers have the ability to transport you on this exciting journey with zero travel costs. Sitting at a table, you can enjoy a Belgian Wit bier, a German Hefeweizen, an American IPA, a Czech Pilsner, a German Lager all from the comfort of your chair,” opines Narayan Manepally, the CEO of a brand that aims to offer great-tasting Indian beer. “Many have had this magical moment of sitting somewhere, trying out a new beer, falling in love with it and asking the question on why can’t I get this back home? The desire for bold new flavours, tastes and styles stems from travel, the desire to experiment and experience and discussing/learning from friends through social media,” he states.

Preferred for its seasonality

As concepts like vocal for local and fresh brews gain prominence, craft beer enjoys an added advantage as they are largely crafted according to the seasonality of the produce. “For example, in December, you can see a lot of people offering beer infused with Jamun like Jamun Lager. During summers, mango is used as a key ingredient to craft beers like Mango Sour,” adds Robert.

Published 07 November 2020, 18:55 IST

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