Fire breaks out near Yeklgata lake

Fire breaks out near Yeklgata lake

Smoke seen near the waterbody at Mahadevapura.

A massive fire broke out in the vicinity of Yeklgata lake near the Baghmane World Trade Center in Mahadevapura on Thursday.

Employees who work in IT companies in the vicinity of the lake alerted the fire and rescue personnel.

“No harm was caused to anybody. The fire engine arrived in about 15 minutes after we called and the fire was extinguished. We had never seen such a fire in the past at the lake premises,” said Shivakumar, an employee.

No damage reported

The fire service personnel informed DH that no harm was caused to any individual or animals as the density of the fire was less.

“It was a ground-grass fire that broke out which could have been caused naturally or by humans. There is plenty of dry grass in the area, also a lot of garbage is dumped there. The fire could have broken out for other reasons too. Even we could not find it out,” said an official at the fire control room.