pisces - 20 Sep 2020

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  • Lucky color: Burnt orange
  • Lucky gem: 7
  • Lucky number: 4

Rewards for past good deeds will highlight your day. Follow through on something that you began a long time ago. You are very productive today.

The Pisces born individuals may appear to be very finicky and analytical to others in the immediate environment. It may seem as if you look at everything under the microscope. Try not to be overly critical, even if you feel that you are saying something for the other person’s benefit. There may be some health issues arising due to exhaustion.

The year 2020 is fairly and squarely about work and professional aspirations for the Pisces born individuals. While you may not have clarity on quite a few things, there are a few goals that matter to you at an emotional level. These are personal benchmarks of success as well as self-growth. Some of you may feel that the pressure is too much to handle. If you are able to go with the flow there can be amazing prospects of growth in the times to come. Some of you may initiate a home-based business or a personal secondary source of income during this year. With all the focus on work, studies and growth, personal life may take a hit and your social circle could also shrink. You will need to make conscious attempts to stay in touch with people who matter and create a strong work-life balance. You may need to watch out against misinformation, biases and gossip to stay rational in your thought process.