AP: Newly married dies in suspected honour killing

Last Updated 13 October 2019, 16:57 IST

In a suspected case of honour killing by her parents, eighteen-year-old Chandana lost her life in suspicious conditions at her parents’ house.

The incident occurred in Redlapalle village of Kuppam block of Chittoor district on Friday but came to light on Sunday after Chandana's husband filed a missing person complaint.

Ironically, she died on the same day she had got married.

Chandana, who belonged to backward caste, married Nandakumar of Boddumudi village who belonged to a Scheduled Caste against the wishes of her parents.

Chandana who was studying second year degree at the Government College in Kuppam fell in love with Nandakumar and they both got married at a local temple in Kuppam on Friday morning.

Chandana’s parents, after knowing about the marriage, convinced her to visit home to perform certain traditional rituals and took her home.

Nandakumar who has waited for his wife to return, tried in vain to contact her over mobile phone.

When he enquired with his in-laws, he was told that his wife committed suicide. Parents of Chandana also told the same to their neighbours and allegedly performed her last rites.

By the time the police reached the farm belonging to Chandana's parents, they found nothing but a charred spot with signs of a burnt pyre.

The parents of the deceased took care that not even ashes of the girl were left that could be used as an evidence.

The Kuppam Rural Circle Inspector Krishna Mohan and Rallapeduguru Sub Inspector Murali Mohan visited the spot. The police have booked a case of suspicious death and are investigating it.

(Published 13 October 2019, 14:24 IST)

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