As unlinked coronavirus cases increase, Kerala shifts focus on enforcing hygiene

Last Updated : 01 May 2020, 02:11 IST

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As Kerala is witnessing an increasing trend in the number of unlinked coronavirus cases with a source of infection remaining untraceable, the state is now focusing on enforcing health hygiene like wearing masks.

On Thursday alone 954 cases were registered in Kerala against people for not wearing masks. The police will be stringently acting against those flouting basic hygiene as a sense of carelessness in following the basic hygiene was quite visible among the people, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

Kerala health department sources said that the exact source of infection of over 20 cases could not be tracked yet. It included health workers also.

It was an obvious trend being seen in many COVID-19-affected countries.

The only effective way to prevent unlinked cases is to ensure basic preventive and hygiene measures like wearing masks and washing hands by the entire society.

So far random test was initiated among 1,508 people in priority sectors like health workers and police officials.

As many as 897 test results already came negative, while a few are awaiting further confirmation and many results were awaited.

As random test progresses more unlinked COVID-19 cases may emerge, said sources.

Kerala Health department Nodal officer Dr Amar Fettle pointed out that a major chunk of COVID-19 cases in Kerala was caused due to local contact.

Most of these were due to laxity in following the basic quarantine and hygiene norms. Similarly, many of those who contracted the infection from untraceable sources were also found not following the basic advisories like wearing masks, he said.

Published 30 April 2020, 13:34 IST

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