Cat is finally out of the bag: Nikam

Last Updated : 20 July 2009, 13:07 IST
Last Updated : 20 July 2009, 13:07 IST

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"Kasab is not only a dreaded terrorist but also a good actor," Nikam observed before mediapersons, appearing tired but victorious after labouring on the case before the trial and three-month-long hearing of the Mumbai terror attack before Special Judge M.L. Tahilyani.

Nikam said now that "the cat is out of the bag", the prosecution will try to "catch it", implying that he would strive to get the maximum punishment for Kasab.

Nikam pointed out how Kasab had initially claimed in the court that he was a minor when he attacked Mumbai on Nov 26, 2008, and had to be subjected later to a series of medical tests to prove his correct age - around 20 then.

He said Kasab also initially claimed that he was not a Pakistani national, which was again disproved before the Special Court hearing the trial since April.

On several occasions, Kasab had said he was "ill", complained of "old stomach aches" and other minor ailments - most of which the prosecution had dismissed as "attempts to waste the court's time".

Nikam said that prior to his confession, Kasab had discussed the issue briefly with his government-appointed lawyer S.G. Abbas Kazmi in the court on Monday.

"We had built up a solid case against Kasab. So far, 134 witnesses have identified him in the past nearly three months. His confession had to finally come," Nikam asserted.
In a dramatic twist in the ongoing 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks trial, Kasab Monday afternoon confessed to his role in carrying out the attacks that left 180 people dead and over 300 injured.

Kasab also admitted that he is a Pakistani national, recounted in detail how he and his associates undertook the sea voyage from Karachi to Mumbai to strike at 13 locations in the metropolis.

His "sudden" and unexpected confession, took the Special Judge M.L. Tahilyani and others by surprise. Kasab started by addressing Tahilyani in Urdu: "Sir, I want to make a confession in the court. I plead guilty to the crimes for which I have been charged."

The confession could prove to be a boost for India's stand vis-à-vis Pakistan on the issue of terror, especially when US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is currently on an official trip to India, and at present holding talks in New Delhi.

Published 20 July 2009, 12:27 IST

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