Centre would not be able to bulldoze bills in Parliament after like earlier: DMK leader Tiruchi Siva

Siva said the people affected are not big corporates but ordinary investors. "This is a very big economic scam," he added.
Last Updated : 01 July 2024, 14:47 IST

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New Delhi: The people have given a clear verdict and not a majority and the government cannot bulldoze bills in the Parliament as they were doing earlier, said DMK leader Tiruchi Siva on Monday.

Siva also raised the fluctuations that happened in the share markets on June 4 after the results caused a loss of around 30 lakh crore, which is a "very big economic scam" and supported the demand of the leader of the opposition in Lok Sabha for a joint parliamentary committee investigation.

Raising his apprehension, Siva said that it was an "artificially created fluctuation" and the people had invested in the share market following the statements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah predicting a new high after June 4.

After the exit poll surveys projecting over 400 seats to the NDA, NSE increased by 733 points on June 3 and on June 4, when the BJP could not form a government of its own, it tanked to 1,379 points.

"All small investors, who were tempted to buy that because of the exit poll survey and the prime minister. Is it the way... Is it the responsibility of the prime minister and the home minister to talk about the share," he said while participating in a discussion over the Motion of Thanks to the president's speech.

Siva said the people affected are not big corporates but ordinary investors. "This is a very big economic scam," he added.

The president had in her address said that her government has a clear majority, however, people only gave a verdict in the recently concluded Lok Sabha election and not a majority.

"One thing I am sure is that after this election results and the government has taken over, they cannot bulldoze the bills as they were doing earlier. The opposition is very strong in the Lok Sabha," he said while speaking over the Motion of Thanks to the president's speech.

Siva further said the alliance partner JD (U) would take over the issue of (caste) census, the issue which the Tamil Nadu government is prevailing upon.

Moreover, partners as N. Chandrababu Naidu would take the issue of federalism and the governors would not be used as arrows against the opposition-ruled states, he added.

According to the DMK leader, important bills as new Criminal law bills were passed after suspending over 150 opposition MPs.

"What an important bill. Stakeholders were not called. Nobody was consulted and nobody's view was taken in consideration even the member of parliament," he said, adding "alternative perspective should not be looked as an adversary".

Democracy is about consensus but the government does not allow listen and allow to speak.

He suggested the government "respect the democracy, honour the opposition party views and think about the poor people, farmers, youngsters who are running for jobs" "Do not bulldoze any bills," Siva said.

"Last year only seven bills were referred to the standing committee. Refer the sensitive bills to the standing committee of the select committee. Consult each other and bring a comprehensive bill," he added.

Siva also raised the issue of live telecast and alleged that it focused on treasury benches only.

Even the president might not have an opportunity to watch the full proceedings of the house unless an opposition member is speaking.

"The Sansad TV, which is meant for the Parliament is only meant for treasury benches nowadays. It only focuses on them," he said, adding whatever we do here, even disturbance does not matter and should be telecast.

The people must decide whether we are doing right on wrong, he said.

On this, Harivansh Narayan Singh, Deputy Chairperson, who was presiding the Upper House said, "This tradition is continuing for long time." Siva further said the members of the Parliament are now deprived of Central Hall and Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha members are not having any chance to meet and interact with each other.

Published 01 July 2024, 14:47 IST

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